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Places to play - Places to sleep

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Drop off by arrangement – collection by 12 (collection after 12 may be charged for the full day)

  • Private bedroom with futon and comfy beds to choose from

  • Evening walk (weather dependant)

  • Meals at a time they are accustomed to

  • Full access to large garden with two sand pits, ball pit, splash tub, trampoline,  multiple beds and leather couch and a radio

  • Home comforts – leather couches and tv for lazy bones to relax

  • Homemade tasty treats (if allowed) so lovely smells come from the kitchen

£28.50 per dog per night 

*please note a deposit is required to book the dates requested



Open 7.00am until 7.00pm times can be changed for a more bespoke service

Daycare usually closed at weekends

  • Daycare is for fun and socialising, making friends and relaxing

  • Facilities same as hotel – places to sleep, play and lovely smells to sniff

  • Breakfast / lunch can be given if food is provided

£19 per dog per day up to 10 hours

£16 per dog per day up to 4 hours

*Please check cancellation policy



  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated with annual booster and kennel cough

  • A deposit required prior to stay

  • preferably neutered by 1 year old 

  • Provide emergency details and vets contact number. Pet insurance is recommended

  • Registration form must be completed prior to the stay/day care

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